Glass Sand

Lane Mountain is the largest glass sand producer in the Pacific Northwest. Our low iron and high silica content combine for an excellent main ingredient in glass batch formulation.

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Industrial Filler Sand

Lane Mountain's six base grades of silica quartz can be combined to meet most industrial filler sizing requirements. Our low iron content makes for a clean and attractive natural filler for cement siding, stucco, white cement, and packaged concrete products.

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Filtration Sand

Lane Mountain provides unique angled edge 99.4% pure glacial till silica sand ensuring the highest domestic filter media for both municipal water filtration systems and swimming pool filtration. Our filter sand is washed, dried, screened, and free of contamination.

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Roofing Sand

Lane Mountain’s silica sand is a quality base for ceramic and concrete roofing products.

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Foundry Sand

Lane Mountain foundry sand provides an economical alternative for silica based green sand casting systems for both ferrous and nonferrous foundries. We have six base grades that can be used as produced or blended to meet your American Foundry Society Grain Fineness Number (AFS GFN) requirements.

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Traction Sand

Lane Mountain’s glacial till, angled traction silica sand is perfect for walkways, swimming pool decks, painted surfaces, and railroad tracks.

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Golf Course and Recreation Sand

Lane Mountain’s bunker and top dressing sands are designed and custom blended specifically for golf course use. Our glacial till, angular “hit and skip” silica bunker sand will accommodate the most exacting golf course architects. Lane Mountain also provides sand for other recreational purposes including beach volleyball, long jump pits, and more.

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Equestrian Sand

Lane Mountain provides high quality, custom blended silica sand to horse arenas throughout the Pacific Northwest. Call our sales team at (425) 501-8338 for more information.

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Other Products

Lane Mountain provides other raw mineral products including limestone, magnesite, and decorative quartz. These products serve a variety of applications such as road gravel, drainage, landscaping, and other decorative purposes.

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Typical Screen Analysis

Lane Mountain offers standard quartz silica sand mix screen analysis for our customers’ specific applications.

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