Industrial Sand Products

Lane Mountain’s industrial silica sand products are washed, dried, and screened to meet a wide variety of applications. Our sand is NSF/ANSI 61 certified, which ensures safe drinking water standards. Here is a list of products we manufacture and the industries we support.
Please note: our sand products are not to be used for sand blasting.

  • Glass sand for flat, container, and artistic glass manufacturing

  • Silica sand for fiberglass manufacturing

  • Traction sand for railroads and roadways

  • Silica sand for cement manufacturing

  • Back dusting sand for asphalt roofing manufacturing

  • Silica sand for metallurgical fluxing

  • Fine, medium, and coarse sand for mortar and grout manufacturing

  • Silica sand for stucco manufacturing

  • Silica sand for fiber cement siding

  • Filter sand for municipal, commercial, and residential filtration systems -- NSF/ANSI 61 certified

  • Silica sand for geothermal applications

  • Mold and casting sand for both ferrous and nonferrous foundries

  • Construction sand for concrete blocks, precast, and specialty concrete products

  • Sand for flooring and concrete repair

  • Nursery grit for tree seed and planting operations

Lane Mountain provides a variety of standard products that meet most industrial applications. We are also more than willing to work with our customers to develop custom product blends.
For more information on our sand specifications including sizing, please see our product info page.