Golf Course & Recreation Sand

White Bunker Sand

ACB Bunker Sand: this product is a high performing option that exceeds USGA bunker sand guidelines. The infiltration rate is greater than 48 inches per hour and the penetrometer (compaction test) value is 3.5 kg/cm2. Full lab results below.

Photo by Randy Hayes

Photo by Randy Hayes

High Wind Bunker Sand

We offer coarser gradations for golf courses that experience windy conditions. We can blend different ratios of coarse sand with or without ACB sand to achieve desired playability. Coarser sand will typically increase infiltration rates and decrease penetrometer values. 

Tan Bunker Sand

BTR Bunker Sand: we offer four tan sand blends that highlight different color and performance standards, all of which exceed USGA bunker sand guidelines. Infiltration rates range from 37 to 120 inches per hour and the penetrometer (compaction test) values range from 2.8 kg/cm2 to 3.7 kg/cm2. Please see the lab results of our BTR 50-50 tan sand below.

Top Dressing Sand

O-I K Top Dressing Sand for Greens: this bulk product is a top-tier option that exceeds USGA guidelines for golf course greens top dressing. The sand is washed and completely free of silt and clay. Please see our lab results below.

LM 20/30 Packaged Top Dressing Sand: we offer dry top dressing sand packaged in 3,000lb bulk bags, as well as 50lb and 100lb paper bags. This product is washed, kiln dried, and free of silt and clay. This sand is also a reliable option for greens injection applications. 

Fairway Top Dressing Sand: this bulk product is available from our outdoor stockpile. The sand is washed and free of silt and clay.

Field Turf Sand

LM 16 and LM 20/30: these products are an ideal infill sand for synthetic sports fields. Both are available in bulk, 3,000 lb bulk bags, and 50 lb and 100 lb paper bags.

Clay Infield Mixes

Lane Mountain offers clay and custom clay/sand mixes for baseball infields. 


Other Recreational Sand

Lane Mountain’s sand provides an excellent material for other recreational uses including beaches, long jump pits, play sand, and more.