Golf Course & Recreation Sand

Bunker Sand - Top Dressing Sand

Lane Mountain’s bunker sands are designed and blended, starting with six base grades of sand, specifically for bunker sand use. Our process separates each specific size then combines them again in the right percentage to create an interlocking finished product. Lane Mountain’s sand is fully washed, kiln dried, screened, and free of silt, clay, and contamination. Our dry sand screening and blending process enables us to maintain a consistent product.

Lane Mountain’s dry top dressing sand is free of coarse particles and excessive fines. Our blending capabilities enable you to match the sand particle size with your current source to ensure continuity on your greens and tee boxes. With Lane Mountain’s dry top dressing sand you can significantly cut labor costs of both blade sharpening and application while getting your golfers back on the course sooner. Convenient packaging in bulk, 3,000 lb, 100 lb, and 50 lb bags allows easy storage and application.

Located less than 50 miles north of Spokane, Washington, Lane Mountain has access to main trucking routes into Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, British Columbia, and Alberta.

At Lane Mountain we put our years of bunker sand development to work, starting with six base grades of sand. With a team of experts, we blended and perfected our mix until we achieved the results that golfers demand.

Quality and Consistency

Lane Mountain will match existing particle sizing in most bunker sands. If you find a bunker sand you prefer, send us a sample and we’ll match it.

Our unique blending process makes it possible to match bunker sand mixes to your climate. We can also adjust the blends to account for high wind and high rainfall conditions.

White Sand Amendment

Lane Mountain bunker sand will play great, look great, and last longer in your bunkers with little maintenance. Our natural white color makes Lane Mountain the ideal choice for new sand additions to your existing white bunkers.

Penetrometer Testing

Lane Mountain combines angular sand particles with a blend of sizes that is slightly finer than other white bunker sands to achieve a penetrometer value at or above 2.4 kg/mm2.

“Hit and Skip” Playability

Our goal at Lane Mountain is to provide “hit and skip” bunker sand for our golf course customers. Even with high trajectory approach shots each golfer must have a fair lie. We equate this to “hit and skip” bunker sand. We can accomplish this with the right mix of our sand products. Lane Mountain’s sand is angular in nature. Angular sand particles interlock to create a surface that is difficult for golf balls to penetrate.

Our sand is low in cluster (agglomerated) grains and is more than 99% pure silica. With our angular particle shape, integrity, and sizing we can achieve an infiltration rate in excess of 38 inches per hour. This extended rate produces longer bunker life without loss of performance or drainage. Lane Mountain’s bunker sand sets up firmly while still providing a passable surface for golf club heads.

Other Recreational Sand

Lane Mountain’s sand provides an excellent surface for other recreational uses including beach volleyball, sports fields, jogging and horse tracks, long jump pits, and more.

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